Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 6th= SNOW in Island Park

So, I have always heard people talk about the winters up here like they are the most terrible thing ever and they are so long. The "s" word up here has four letters too, but it is "snow" (took me a second to figure out that one - a lady in the post office was telling the worker that she heard someone say the "s" word and I thought to myself, I have heard people say that word too, and while I don't like it I don't go around telling people when I hear it. But then I realized she was talking about SNOW and I just laughed)

Jamie, Kaleb, and Kaden were able to come up and it rained all day Wednesday (we played in the garage) and then Thursday morning it snowed, and it kept snowing...ALL day! In total it was about 5 or 6 inches. We had lots of fun watching movies and snuggling on the "secret bed" (the hide-a-bed in our living room).  The boys really wanted to play outside, but didn't have winter clothes to play in.  We love it when they come to visit :)

I guess people are serious about this winter thing.  Good thing we both love the snow! This next week the weather is supposed to be in the 50's so we will be in ultra winterization mode.  We have a long list, but are sure we can get it all done.  (Sorry there are no pictures of the first snow - our camera batteries were dead.)

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